I am artist of the moving body:
dancer, performer, pedagogue.


Art of movement, Creative Dance, Dance in nature, somatic work, writing, voice, drawing

and creation of shows

COACHING & therapy 
 Life theme healing with Life/Art Process®, psychomagic Rituals

I guide different publics, artists and amateurs, to enter the language of contemporary dance in order to stimulate creativity and express to the world sincerity and scenic presence.


I capture the world with my emotions. I imagine it and my body dances it.
I fathom the present to espouse the space. I shape it.

The metaphor is my favorite ingredient.
The quest for truth pushes me to reveal the invisible and marry aesthetic with ethics.


I am fascinated by the power of transformation revealed by art. I see performance as a psycho-magic act: it stages artistic expression and (de) constructs the world. It is a platform to express the invisible and to offer it.

I engage my creations in an artistic, educational, sociological and anthropological research. I am inspired by the wild nature of things.

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I teach the exploration of anatomy using the body in movement. This somatic approach stimulates intuition and improvisation. The fundamental principles of contemporary dance invite the playful dimension and support the creation of performance.

I am convinced that body awareness is a powerful tool for connecting to one's humanity, to life's drive, to personal and collective power.

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Coaching & Therapy

I operate on two levels: art and sacred. I grow up losing control. I create something new when I come back to the essence.

I choose to share my shaman-artist gifts.

Sessions by appointment (in the city where i am ) and possibility by Zoom.
+32 496 782 131    

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